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Welcome to TDH- Dar es Salaam Conference Halls page! TDH- Dar es Salaam have got six (6) different conference halls which can accommodate 10 300 participants in different conference room sizes. On the 1st floor we have got 3 Conference halls:  (i) Garnet Hall- Capacity: 10-15 seated pax, (ii) Tiffany Hall- Capacity: 50 seated pax, (iii) Ruby Hall Capacity: 70 seated pax. 

On the 2nd floor we have got Diamond Restaurant Hall with the highest capacity of 200 - 250 seated pax followed by Emerald Hall on the 9th floor with the capacity of 150 seated pax. Our Shaba Lounge Hall on the 10th floor can accommodate 80-100 seated pax.

Please find some of our conference packages here below, and for any other packages which may include rooms, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department for quotations and detailed info.

(A) Full Day Conference Package:


Includes: Morning & Afternoon tea break with snacks, lunch buffet including 1 soft drink, 2 bottle of mineral water per person in the conference, LCD projector, writing pads, pens, flip charts, marker pens, and 1 podium.

(B) Half Day Conference Package:

Includes: One coffee and tea break with snacks, lunch buffet including 1 soft drink, 1 bottle of mineral water per person in the conference room, writing pads, flip charts, pens, marker pens, and 1 podium.

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