About Us

Welcome to Tiffany Diamond Hotels (TDH's) brands! TDH's is one of "The Top and Best Hotels in Tanzania", and the fast growing company in the hospitality industry; located in the heart of the City of Dar es Salaam at the junction of Indira Gandhi Street/ Morogoro Road.

About Tiffany Diamond Hotel(s) at Indira Gandhi Street/Morogoro Road:


The hotel which started operations in September 2013 is a 10 storey building with 74 en suite rooms. With its outstanding “word of mouth” marketing philosophy before joining booking.com, expedia.com, agoda.com, and many other notable online booking engines, it became one of the sensational “talks of the city” after accommodating notable International delegates since its establishment.


What made this hotel brand to stand out to its guests:? It is due to its spacious rooms, cleanliness, comfy beds, English Breakfast, friendly staff, best location, and its state-of- the art amenities. The hotel has got six en suite rooms categories: Six (6) Deluxe Singles, Twenty Four (24) Deluxe Doubles, Thirty Three (33) Superior Twin, Four (4) Junior Suites, Three (3) Executive Suites, and plus Four (4)  Diplomatic Suites out of 74 total rooms it boasts. Apart from its spacious rooms, it has got Six (6) Conference Halls with the capacity to hold up 10 - 250 comfortably seated participant.


Tiffany Diamond Hotels while maintaining its status for providing high quality accommodation and services to its guests; it has got two (2) more hotels: Tiffany Diamond Hotels- Mtwara (started to operate June/2015 with 44 en suite rooms, and Tiffany Diamond Hotels- Makunganya Street (the second one in Dar es Salaam) part of its brand 3 Star rated not too long, another Tiffany Diamond Hotels- brand located at Makunganya Street which will be opened end of October/2018- boasting 60 en suite rooms in the central business district of Dar es Salaam.  All these properties are rated best “3 Star” hotels in Tanzania.

Our Mission is: To delight, every guest, every time.